Can I view devotions from past days?

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  5. Can I view devotions from past days?

Yes, you can view previous devotions on the Follow Christ Daily app backward until your account creation date by using the navigation arrows located at the bottom center of the “Dashboard Screen”.

To access a previous day’s devotions, simply tap on the right or left arrow to navigate through your devotional history in chronological order. Once you have found the desired date, simply click on either the “AM Devotion” or “PM Devotion” buttons at the top of the dashboard screen. This will open the full AM or PM Devotional screen for that day, allowing you to view the curated Bible passage, devotional reading, quote, Christian Intent (for AM Devotions) or Daily Review and Evening Reflection (for PM Devotions), and prayer for that specific day. With this feature, you can easily revisit past devotions and continue to deepen your relationship with God, and grow in your faith.