What does the PM Devotion consist of?

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The PM Devotion in Follow Christ Daily is a contemplative tool designed to help you end your day with a peaceful spirit and a deeper connection to God. The PM Devotion includes five key components:

  1. Bible Passage – A hand-picked biblical passage that sets the theme for the evening reflection.
  2. Devotional – A relevant devotional that provides insight and clarification on the evening biblical passage, bringing it to life and helping you understand it better.
  3. Daily Review – A space for you to reflect on your daily experiences and consider how they relate to your faith and values, including your focus virtues engagements.
  4. Reflection – A journal opportunity for you to reflect on your experiences and track your progress over time. You can journal either on the prompt provided or on topics of your own choosing.
  5. Evening Prayer – A relevant prayer that aligns with the day’s events and the evening biblical passage, helping you end the day in a peaceful and contemplative state.

By participating in the PM Devotion, you can benefit in numerous ways, such as gaining insights into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, deepening your relationship with God, and growing in your faith.