What does the AM Devotion consist of?

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The AM Devotion in Follow Christ Daily is designed to be a comprehensive spiritual tool for starting each day with a focused mind and a deeper connection to God. The devotion consists of five key components, each designed to help you reflect on your faith and grow in your relationship with God:

  1. Bible Passage – A hand-picked biblical passage at the top of the “AM Devotion Screen” that provides the foundation for the devotion and sets the theme for the day.
  2. Devotional – A relevant devotional that provides insight and clarification on the morning biblical passage, bringing it to life and helping you understand it better.
  3. Daily Quote – An uplifting Christian quote that aligns with the theme of the devotional and the biblical passage, providing motivation and encouragement.
  4. Christian Intent – A journal opportunity where you can reflect on your daily intentions and goals, and align them with your faith. You can journal on the prompt provided or on topics of your own choosing.
  5. Morning Prayer – A relevant prayer that aligns with the morning biblical passage, helping individuals start their day with energy, optimism, and joy in the Lord.

By participating in the AM Devotion, you can deepen your relationship with God, make meaningful connections between your faith and life experiences, gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of scripture, reflect on your daily intentions and goals, and be motivated and encouraged through uplifting Christian quotes.