What is the Virtue Builder in Follow Christ Daily?

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The Virtue Builder in Follow Christ Daily is a central component of the app designed to help users cultivate their Christian virtues and develop a Christian character. It provides a simple and intuitive way to cultivate your focus virtues daily. The Virtue Builder is accessible from the “Dashboard Screen” and contains buttons in the shape of a cross, each representing a focus virtue or associated strength.

The purpose of the Virtue Builder is to help you integrate your chosen focus virtues into your daily life and to track your progress in cultivating them. The Christian moral tradition emphasizes the importance of cultivating virtues as a means of becoming more like Jesus and developing a closer relationship with God. Virtues are habits or dispositions that help you to act in a morally good and just way. By using the Virtue Builder in Follow Christ Daily, you can exercise these virtues in your daily life, cultivate and document instances of their use, and improve them over time.

To use the Virtue Builder, look for opportunities to practice or witness one of your focus virtues. Then simply select the relevant cross button in the Virtue Builder. You can record your virtue engagement with one of three options: Practice, Appreciate, or Abstain. Practice means you successfully applied the virtue. Appreciate means you observed the virtue in someone else. Abstain means there was an opportunity to practice the virtue but you chose not to.

IMAGE of “Document Act Popup”

For every virtue engagement, you can add a comment to provide valuable context and insights into your choice. This allows you to reflect on your actions, thoughts, and emotions, and to analyze why you chose to appreciate, practice, or abstain from the virtue in question. As you log your virtue engagements throughout the day, the numbers on the cross buttons will reflect your daily progress. Your recorded engagements will appear as part of your evening daily review and your Journey of Faith record, providing a valuable tool for personal reflection and growth in your faith journey over time.

By practicing your focus virtues on a daily basis, you can become more like Jesus and develop a closer relationship with God. The Virtue Builder is a valuable tool for personal reflection and growth in your faith journey, helping you to live a more authentic Christian life centered on the teachings of Jesus.