What are the “7 Great Christian Virtues” and why focus on them?

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The “Great Christian Virtues” are a set of 7 core virtues that are considered essential for living a Christian life. They are Faith, Hope, Love, Wisdom, Justice, Temperance, and Courage.

Each virtue is a character trait that can be cultivated and practiced in daily life and is based on the teachings of Jesus and the traditions of the Christian faith.

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By focusing on all 7 Great Virtues, you can gain a more well-rounded and holistic understanding of the virtues and how they fit together to support Christian living.

You might select the “7 Great Virtues” as your focus because you want to gain a broad understanding of the essential virtues of the Christian faith and cultivate all 7 of them in your daily life. This can lead to a deeper connection with God, a stronger sense of purpose, and a more meaningful faith journey.

Additionally, you can study devotionals, acquire practical tips, and gain inspiration that pertains to each of the 7 virtues, helping you to grow in your faith and live a life centered on the teachings of Jesus.