What is the purpose of “Reflection” in the PM Devotion?

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The Reflection feature in Follow Christ Daily’s PM Devotion is a journaling opportunity¬†for self-exploration and reflection. This feature provides a space for you to reflect on your experiences throughout the day and consider how they relate to your faith and values. By reflecting, you can gain insights into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and make connections between your faith and your daily life.

The PM Devotion includes prompts to assist you in your reflection and to guide your thoughts, but you can also journal on a topic of your own choosing. Spiritual contemplation is a powerful tool that can help you end each day in a peaceful and reflective state, and provide a deeper understanding of how your faith influences your daily life.

Whether you choose to follow the prompts provided by the app or write about a topic of your own choosing, the journaling feature in the PM Devotion is designed to help you reflect on your experiences and end each day with peace and reflection.